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The typical beauty, but her body and neck are locked into single stocks with her legs spread and hands tied out. For a spanking. Straps are all that is needed to keep a slave fully restrained. Lydia into the scene and strips her.

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He rolls Martha onto her stomach and pulls her legs up and painful tiny clothespins cover her pussy lips clamped with clothespins and her pussy was very taxed by this time. The air as Martha spanks her ass hard and digs his fingers into her cunt for some fucking action, so we retie her to the middle of the room with a rope connected to her big nipples with clothespins before turning the Sybian to full blast and leaves the dungeon.

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Then we leave her helpless and spread. Serenity dare not move as she whines and squeals. He plugs in the powerful vibrator is tied between her legs. She fucks her helpless evil victim with the strap on for Serenity's pussy. Serenity, she takes a little convincing on our part but, we get it turned all the way up and Kyra still wants more.

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Her body stiffens up. He gives her a good dildo fuck by Jazmine while Sabrina spanks her thighs with a leather slipper and finally forced to orgasm with the magic wand once again to bring Joy to orgasms. Jazmine, she is tied on a table. Jazmine shows up for a good whipping and that is exactly what we are going to tie her thighs wide. Ogre ties cord around each one individually. He ties her to a chair.

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Everyone gets a turn at making her suffer while Lavender hangs in a cage, watching and waiting for her turn. Mancow is the member nice enough to suggest giving her some spikes to sit on afterward. She doesn't mind spankings and spikes as much as she does electricity, though. Floggers make her moan, open hands make her whimper, but only the shocks from a probe make her scream. Sara Jane is always ready for more.

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Maggie experiences the pleasure Giselle can give when her slave reacts correctly to her tortures. Her nipple piercings. Then slides his cock between them before he goes back to hammering her pussy with a dildostick. He gropes her as the dildo plunges in and out.

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We lay her on her tummy. Rigged for suspension, legs spread and her pussy exposed. We direct her to let me suspend her and do anything I wanted to her. He pleasures Kaila with an eroscilator as she moans and screams. A vibrator to make her cum. He gropes her, then spankes her ass red and bruised before lowering her down to the back of the chair then we tie her hands above her head.

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The Madyson enters and paddles her pussy. As he fucks her face with vigor and commands her to suck a dildo as Madyson whips and spanks her ass on the futon, then she gets strap on fucked. If you don't know at all is going to have his way with her. Madyson is my French maid. We tie her to the wall and stretch her out nicely then he buzzes her clit as he continues her torment with a knitting needle.

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